1. What are brushes?
2. How to make them?
3. How to install them?
3. How to use the stamp files?

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1. What are brushes?
Brushes are insanity, brushes are drug! Once you start to use them, you'll never wanna stop. ;)
Brushes are small applications used in graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. There are two types of brushes: the ones you can draw with and the ones you can use as "stamps" on your collages, layouts or whatever you may call your computer graphics. Brushes are grouped into sets, extensions of which can look like .abr (APS) or .jbr (PSP). Such sets can be loaded, saved, deleted, edited and customized as you want.

2. How to make them?
It's so easy it's almost pitiful! Anyone can do it! Look!!

(For APS users)

1. Open/make/scan the image/object/pet/family member/obscene pic you want to make the brush of and select it, using the marquee tool. NOTE: the whiter it is, the more transparent it will be. Image:white = brush:transparent, image:black = brush:covering.
2. From the APS menu, choose Edit > Define Brush. Click OK. Don't give the brush a name. It's a waste of time. ;)
3. Congratulations! You made your first brush! Dance on the streets and go have a Bud. You deserved it.
4. Come back to your comp and make as many brushes more as you wish. Go ahead and play. Scan your teddy bear, old note papers, stamps, dead things, your fav Stephen King quote, your Slim Shady LP, cat fur and whatever you may find useful for yourself or those poor artists out there. As I said, it's not easy to stop. In fact, it's actually impossible. Look at me. NOTE: If you suddenly think you hear your comp talk to you dirty, it means you really do need some sleep.
5. Okay, no we get to the harder stuff, but don't panic. We're gonna make your first brush set!
6. Choose the brush tool. On its menu (it will appear under the main APS menu) click the brush thumbnail and then the little arrow in a circle on the right of the table with the many many funny brush thumbnails. Choose PRESET MANAGER.
7. Move/delete your brushes as you wish. Select the ones you want to close in a set. Click SAVE SET. Name the set. Click OK. NOTE: if you wanna put them on a site so that anyone can groove with them, zip the sets after you finish, they'll get faster to download!
8. *AHOOGA* *AHOOGA* It's done!! Yabbadabbadoo! Dance on the streets... and so on.
6. I love this job.

3. How to install them?
(For APS users)

1. If the set is zipped, unzip it first.
2. Put the file into the APS' default brush folder (it should be something like that:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Presets\Brushes . It may be a little different on your comp. Look for it.)
3. In APS' brush tool's menu, select LOAD BRUSHES. Load them.
4. It's done! You can use it! Dance etc.
5. And whatever you do, remember: never, never, absolutely positively NEVER forget to credit the person/people who made the brushes you used in your work. Those people are artists and their work deserves respect.

(For PSP users)
I don't know about the installation procedure, sorry, but be sure to change the extension from .abr to .jbr so that you can use the brushes.

4. How to use the stamp files?
I made stamps of all my brushes for those who have other version of APS or any other programs. So how to use the stamp .jpg files? There are some ways.

1. Open the stamp file in ypur graphic program.
2. Choose a brush with the Marquee Tool and go to Edit > Define Brush to be able to use them like actual brushes.
3. Choose the next brush... etc.

1. Open the stamp file in ypur graphic program.
2. Choose a brush with the Marquee Tool.
2. Paste it into your collage.
3. Set the layer's opacity to Color Burn or Linear Burn or Soft Light, dependiing on what effect you want to use.

Should you experience any problems, don't hesistate to e-mail me!!